Burnished Universal Bolt (Locking Bolt), perfect connection element for Siegmund elements. It is used when elements of different material thickness are being interconnected. The clamping range of the short Universal Bolt is 22 to 28 mm. The long Universal Bolt has a clamping range of 34 to 40 mm. The large balls shift the center of pressure towards the outside, and prevent a displacement of the material due to low surface pressure, when there are high clamping forces in the direction of the borehole.

The Universal Bolt is clamped with the integrated handwheel or with a hex wrench 6 (Item No. 280852.1).

Note: This bolt MUST NOT be used for connecting tables and U-shaped squares!

‐ for clamping 2 components
‐ with hexagon socket (Size 6)

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