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Machine Workshop Tools and Drills

When looking for machine tools, you need to confide in a supplier who will deliver the right set of working equipment to avoid inconveniences in the future. Modern Tools specializes in all types of modern tools from global, reputable brands that ensure satisfaction during work and value for your money.

Our priority is to see to it that you do not waste your money on inferior products that will serve you for a short time before breaking down unceremoniously. Some of these machines include the drill press and pedestal drill, which are available in different options.

Pedestal Drill for Sale

A pedestal drill is versatile and is useful in drilling holes into materials such as

  • Ceramics
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Plastic

To operate correctly, one has to have adequate skill and training to avoid making avoidable mistakes during operations. Modern Tools has an experienced team that provides advice on the right choice of equipment and guidelines on how to operate it. Priced competitively, we have a comprehensive range of tools in the market built to satisfy your needs as desired.

The pedestal drill press is ideal for making ultra-precise holes in a craftsman’s workpieces, and Modern Tools is the leading provider of such high-maintenance tools in Australia. Whether mounted on a bench or made to stand on its own, a drill press provides a sturdy foundation for performing heavy-duty work.

A digital drill press from Modern Tools comes fitted with a digital speed display that shows the speed during drilling and is convenient for both light and heavy drilling assignments.

Drill Press in Melbourne

If you are working on a budget and are looking for a drill press in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered. Our machines are widely preferred because they deliver exceptional performance and make the general working process smooth and reliable. Feel free to connect with us if you are at crossroads about the right equipment choice.

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