Shipping Bracket with Mounting Plate, load-bearing capacity 1.800 kg (with 2x 280511) / 1.000 kg (with 2x 002822). It is used to transport Siegmund welding tables and other heavy components safely and easily. It is fastened quickly and simply, using at least 2 clamping bolts.

The general rules and regulations for shipping brackets have to be followed while the bracket is in use. Depending on the specific application, the load-bearing capacity can be substantially reduced. During transport, the table must not be raised more than 100 mm, and no one is allowed below the table.

In addition, the Shipping Bracket can be used as a simple attachment for shipping straps.

Please consider following safety instructions:
Ring nuts should be completely bolted.
Ring nuts should bear flat and completely on support surface.
Length of mating thread has to be sufficient.
Lateral pull should be avoided.

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