Anti-Spatter, non-flammable, water soluble anti-spatter agent, preventing the welding table from welding spatter burn-in. By using Anti-Spatter, no toxic or harmful vapours or corrosive particles are generated.

Anti-Spatter can also be used on welding elements (e.g. steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized parts). Prior to varnishing welding parts, any dried residue has to be removed with an appropriate cleaner.
Following is recommended: Water, water-based, acidic and neutral cleaners (e.g. 2% Anti-Spatter added to water). Not suitable are degreasers or chlorinated hydrocarbon.

Anti-Spatter should be applied primarily using an aerosol can (alternatively with a brush, rag, etc.). The Anti-Spatter is equally effective in damp and dried conditions. The welding spatters can be simply wiped off after welding.
The yearly cost of Anti-Spatter, used on a daily basis, amount to 20-30 € per square meter.

The material safety data sheet is available online.

‐ canister 5 liter
‐ Corrosion protection

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