German-built, Precision Quick Change Tool posts

Easy-to-operate, high-quality steel quick change tool posts. Any number of tool holders can be used, with 40 tool bit positions. Adjustment for the height of the tool bit is controlled by a knurled head screw without using packing plates or shims. Loosening and locking of any tool holder is performed by simple eccentric clamping. Save time by changing the tool holder from the top without moving longitudinal or traverse slides. The quick-change tool post revolutionises efficiency by enabling rapid tool swaps on a lathe.

AXA Haase

Frequently Asked Questions

Systems like quick change tool posts do exactly what their name suggests, they make the change of tools used in machining quicker and more efficient, thereby increasing productivity and reducing labour costs and time. A quick-change tool post for a lathe or milling machine is almost essential for professionals who make frequent use of such machines. Our quick-change tool post in Australia enhances machining processes with its swift tool exchange capabilities.

A quick-change tool post is one of the best additions you can make to your lathe. These tool posts come equipped with multiple interchangeable tool holders mounted onto a base. This allows users to store their turning tools in their own holders, allowing them to adjust the centre height of specific tools as needed. They also improve the speed of swapping one tool out for another, reducing the time from 5 minutes to 30 seconds. Unlock enhanced productivity with a quick-change tool post for sale, streamlining tool changes on your lathe.

Elevate your performance and witness rapid tool changes with our quick-change tool post for lathes. Our quick-change tool post for mini lathes optimises convenience and versatility in a compact setup.

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