Professional 750 1000x1000x150 Plasma nitrided 4x Leg standard equipment 700

Item No.: 4-220010.P

Leg Basic Equipment, available in various lengths (special lengths upon demand). The load- bearing capacity of the leg is 1,500 kg, height adjustable up to 50 mm (vernier adjustment).

Our recommendation: Sleeve for Table Leg for every table leg with foot plate (Item No. 280859.1 for Leg standard equipment / Leg with Floor Anchoring System 22) (not included in the delivery)

Leg Boot protects threaded arbor from dirt and prevents damages to the welding hose, due to the constant contact with the threaded arbor. ‐ 50 mm vernier adjustment

Price : $4,039.00 exc gst

‐ premium steel S355J2+N + Plasma nitration
‐ Material thickness approx. 17 – 19 mm
‐ Borehole Ø 22 mm
‐ Boreholes on the surface 100×100 mm grid
‐ Corners, edges and boreholes rounded
‐ Height of table side 150 mm
‐ Borehole spacing of table side 50 mm
‐ With scaling on the surface
‐ Construction reinforced with ribbing
‐ Grid lines allow precise constructions
‐ Special equipment for welding tables available by request.

Length (a)
1000 mm
Width (b)
1000 mm
Height (c)
150 mm
301 kg

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