Maximum flexibility, stability, grinding accuracy and operational convenience.

Palmary high-precision cylindrical grinders feature excellent build quality and structural rigidity for various grinding operations. User friendly operation and the stable and rigid spindle head ensures you’ll get maximum value from adding a Palmary grinder to your production line.So if you are on the hunt for a cylindrical grinder for sale in Australia, then look no further than Palmary.


Precision Wheel Head

No deformation, maximum wear resistance and lifetime accuracy are ensured. The grinding wheel spindle is precision machined from high quality alloy steel SNCM-220, normalized, tempered, carburized and sub-zero treated, precision ground and mirror-effect treated making the Palmary one of the best cylindrical grinders for sale.

Special Hydrostatic Bearing

The wheel spindle runs by using a special hydrostatic bearing and is especially ideal for precision grinding work. It features high speed, no friction between metals, no heat generation, deformation-free and extra high accuracyallowing it to be among the best cylindrical grinders on the market.

Advanced Hydrostatic Lubrication System

Extremely smooth movement, added feed accuracy and superior grinding accuracy are provided thanks to the advanced automatic hydrostatic lubrication system.This helps the Palmary stand apart, amongst most cylindrical grinder machines.

Stable and rigid spindle head

The spindle runs on precision bearings, assuring maximum spindle stability. It guarantees outstanding grinding accuracy for external dia., internal dia. (optional) & end face. Being a top tier cylindrical grinding machine means that the Palmary will provide fantastic accuracy every single time.

One grinder allows straight plunge grinding, shoulder grinding, traverse grinding, end face grinding, taper grinding & internal grinding (optional) functions for different machining purpose.This effectively means that you get the benefit of different cylindrical grinders, in a single machine.

Palmary Cylindrical Grinder

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