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Liang Dei is a professional manufacturer of traditional high-speed precision lathes, with over 35 years of excellent manufacturing experience and the R & D design capabilities to meet their customer’s requirements. Taiwanese build-quality and precision engineering. The Liang Dei bench lathe is a high-quality, precision bench lathe that allows working to strict tolerances. This high-precision machine has a compact footprint and runs on single-phase 240V 15amp power. At Modern Tools, we take pride in offering an exceptional range of used lathes for sale, providing our customers with affordable and reliable solutions for their machining needs.


  • The bed is made of high-tensile cast iron FC250.
  • Hardened and ground bedways.
  • Hardened and ground gear in headstock.
  • D1-5 camlock spindle.
  • Metric or imperial specifications depend on the customer’s instruction.
  • For top-of-the-line benchtop lathes for sale, look no further than Modern Tools.
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Standard Equipment

  • Fagor Model 20iT, 2 axis DRO
  • 3HP 3 Phase motor with frequency converter to 240volt,15amp
  • Steady rest
  • Follow rest
  • Foot brake
  • Face plate
  • Rear splash guard
  • Chuck guard
  • Lead screw cover, side door interlock
  • Coolant pump
  • Change gears
  • 8″ 3 Jaw chuck
  • Tool box with adjusting tools
  • 8″ 4 Jaw chuck

Liang Dei 1440ET specifications

  • Swing Over Bed – 360mm
  • Swing Over Cross Slide – 225mm
  • Swing Over Gap – 520mm
  • Distance Between Centers – 1000mm
  • Bed Width – 190mm
  • Number of Spindle Speeds – 12
  • Range of Spindle Speeds – 50-2000R.P.M.
  • Bore Through Spindle – 51mm
  • Spindle Nose – D1-5 Camlock
  • Taper of Spindle Nose – MT 5
  • Tailstock Quill Taper – MT 3
  • Tailstock Quill Travel – 100mm
  • Cross Slide Travel – 165mm
  • Compound Rest Travel – 100mm
  • Metric Threads – (30 Numbers) 0.4-7.0mm PITCH
  • Inch Threads – (32 Numbers) 4-56TPI
  • Longitudinal Feeds – 12Nos. (0.068-0.936mm/rev)/16 Nos. (0.0026-0.0638”/rev)
  • Cross Feeds – 12Nos. (0.034-0.468mm/rev)/16 Nos. (0.0013-0.0319”/rev)
  • Net Weight(kgs) – 600
  • Gross Weight(kgs) – 660
  • Packing Dimensions LxWxH – 1860x762x1473mm
  • Gross weight 720kg

Choose From A Wide Range of Liang Dei Lathes

At Modern Tools, we have benchtop lathes for sale to accommodate a wide range of industrial requirements. Offering a high-level of precision, our range is built to simplify your process and offer better performance. Our carefully curated selection of lathes for sale previously used ensures top-notch quality and performance, backed by our expert team’s thorough inspection and testing process.

If you are exploring options online for benchtop lathes for sale, we are confident that you will be impressed with the choices here. Our benchtop lathes have features for an unrivalled outcome and you can weigh the options to make an informed choice. We have different models to choose from that are built to adhere to exceptionally high standards. Modern Tools offers an impressive range of new and cutting-edge lathes for sale to cater to both hobbyists and professional machinists.

We have a comprehensive range of machine tools from leading brands and our handy range of lathes make the ideal option for adding the perfect finishing touch to your task. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the features of our lathes, feel free to connect with us.

Used Lathes in Australia

With cost-effective options and the assurance of our trusted support, you can elevate your workshop’s capabilities without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to equip your workspace with a top-notch used lathe for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lathe is a machine made to shape a piece of wood or metal by applying a cutting tool to it while the material is rotated at extremely high speeds. The lathe takes a solid block of the desired material, and then assists the user in the controlled removal of material from the main body, producing a symmetrical item by cutting, knurling, drilling, or sanding.

A lathe is designed to be able to create objects from blocks of raw material. Lathes have been used to create vases, sculptures, pottery (pottery throwing tables are a form of lathe), as well as beautify objects that have already been made through etching, and applying even coats of paint. Lathes can be found for sale in used or new condition, but because they are potentially dangerous machines, it is important to make sure that used bench lathes aren’t suffering any major damage that may result in additional risk during use.

All lathes work on the same basic working principle – a piece of work rotating at extreme speeds along a stationary axis, with cutting tools being applied to the surface in order to carve a symmetrical item. Lathes are extremely useful for making bowls and such, but they’re also regularly used for constructing mechanical parts and components, such as screws, bolts, mechanical arms and whatnot.

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