CHMER among the highest quality, best performing and most reliable EDMs in the world market

Founded in 1975, CHMER EDM has been based on the concepts of “Integrity; Growth; Customer Satisfaction”. They have dedicated themselves to advancing the technology and the quality of the EDM industry in Taiwan and worldwide EDM market.

With almost 3 decades of EDM development and manufacturing experience, CHMER and their affiliated companies are continuously striving to design and produce the finest quality EDM products. Through their in-house R&D department, they have developed a highly reliable and user-friendly CNC controller and state-of-the art EDM power supplies. Through their in-house software department, they have developed EDM specific software to optimize the cutting performance between the power supply and controller plus provide user specific software for special applications.

CHMER Wire Cut EDM Machines

Excellent thermal balance and rigid cast construction to ensure the best machining accuracy and durability.

Precise positioning and fast response to cutting conditions.

Stainless steel 3-sided worktable and brushed stainless work tank for long endurance and least maintenance.

A CHMER EDM machine is built keeping a high level of precision and specificity in mind. This makes it the best EDM machines for sale in Australia.

CHMER Die Sink EDM Machines

3-Axis optical scale with fine resolution permits accurate setup.

Edge finding establishes the centre line reference point.

Built-in automatic anti-arc protection for optimal performance.

Two-speed servo is numerically controlled, reducing non-machining time

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