General Purpose Fabrication

Siegmund recommends the System 22 for fine details to medium-heavy
fabrications. For everyone who cannot decide.

Recommended load up to 3000 kg*
max. 1500 kg per leg basic equipment

Available table series:
Professional 750
Extreme 8.7

Boring Grid:
Diagonal grid
100×100 mm Grid


Basic hardness

Surface hardness

Plasma Nitration

  • Proven surface finish Siegmund‘s plasma nitriding is a proven surface treatment for our welding tables.The thermochemical process leads to surfaces that are more wear-free, corrosion-resistant and durable. Welding spatter adheres significantly less to a table with plasma nitriding than to
    welding tables without plasma nitriding. As a result, the surface evenness is better preserved even after years. Due to the significant increase in service life and the increased resilience of the welding
    Tables by around 20-30%, plasma nitriding is always worthwhile.
  • Low-wear and durable surfaces
  • Scratch resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Significantly less welding spatter adhesion


Unique to Siegmund is the subsequent BAR coating of the welding tables and many tool parts, which takes place after plasma nitriding. The BAR coating (Black-Anti-Rust Coating) additionally planes the surface and increases protection against rust.

  • Reinforced rust protection
  • Additional grading of the surfaces


22 750 (1)



  • Professional 750: Premium steel S355J2+N+Plasma nitration
  • Material thickness approx. 17-19mm


  • Borehole 0 22mm
  • Borehole on the surface 100x100mm grid
  • Corner, Edges and Boreholes Rounded
  • Height of the table side 150mm
  • Borehole spacing of table side 50mm
  • With scaling on the surface
  • Construction Reinforced with ribbing
22 extreme



  • Professional Extreme 8.7 : Through-hardened tool steel X8.7+Plasma nitration
  • Material thickness approx. 17-19 mm
  • Table side panel made of high quality steel S355J2 + N+Plasma Nitration


  • Borehole Ø 22 mm
  • Boreholes on the surface in diagonal grid
  • Corners, edges and boreholes rounded
  • Height of table side 150 mm
  • Boreholes Spacing of table side 50 mm
  • With scaling on the surface
  • Construction reinforced with ribbing
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