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Cleanly And Accurately Cut Through Thick Steel Without Sparks - Femi Portable Bandsaws

These high-quality, transportable bandsaws accurately cut metal up to 150mm at a fraction of the cost of a cold-cut saw - without the sparks and messy finish of an abrasive saw.

Extremely versatile and reliable, Femi bandsaws are ideal for everything from hobbyist use and onsite work for contractors to heavy industry applications.

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For many years, our customers have had a big problem.

“I need a clean and accurate way to cut metal. Cold-cut saws and regular bandsaws are too big and expensive. Abrasive chop saws and angle grinders are too messy, inaccurate and loud. What else can I use?”

Thanks to Femi, we now have an answer.

What gives Femi’s bandsaws their world-class metal-cutting performance?

Compact and Portable

The Femi 782XL weighs just 16kg making it easy take it out of the workshop and onto the job.

Clean and Accurate Cutting

Similarly priced abrasive chop saws make messy cuts. Femi bandsaws make accurate clean cuts that don’t take extra work to clean up.

No Sparks, No Lubrication

Unlike abrasive chop saws and angle grinders, Femi bandsaws cut without sparks flying everywhere and they don’t need lubrication like a cold-cut saw.

Remarkable Value For Money

Femi bandsaws are remarkably affordable. They cost thousands less than a cold-cut saw and you’ll save time and money on every job thanks to their efficiency, versatility and accuracy.

Easy Mitering and Angled Cuts

Cutting at angles and mitering is dead simple - you can quickly adjust the saw to cut at angles up to 45°.

Massive Cutting Capacity

The capacity for such a compact saw is remarkable. Cutting 150mm steel used to mean investing thousands in a large cold-cut saw, but the affordable Femi ABS NG160 handles it with ease.

Fast Cutting

NG (New Generation) system models can cut 40% to 60% faster than other similar bandsaws by reversing the blade direction.

Save Time With Automatic Cutting

The remarkable ABS system included in the ABS NG120 and ABS NG160 allows the operator to walk away and finish other jobs while the saw finishes the job by itself. It even turns off when it’s done.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Amperometric limiting device prevents motor burnout

Electromagnetic interference is dampened by an inbuilt filter circuit

ABS models allow for automatic cutting

  • Femi 784 XL Portable Metal Cutting Bandsaw

    For tradesmen and fabricators tackling bigger jobs, the Femi 784 XL is perfect with a wider 120mm capacity while still being easy to carry. It’s also ideal as a multipurpose workshop saw that doesn’t take up too much space. Read more

    • Max cutting capacity: Ø 120mm
    • Weight: 17kg
    • Power: 1200w
    $1,204.50 Inc. GST Availability: In Stock Add to cart More Information

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